• Helps reverse the signs of aging and enhances energy levels
  • Increases sex drive, metabolism and ability to lose weight
  • Rebalances a patient’s own Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels
  • Better immune, heart and joint health
  • Stimulates muscle growth and increases strength
  • Safe, effective, and affordable

Although it is impossible to stop the clock with regards to aging, there is a breakthrough treatment that will make others wonder if you have found the fountain of youth!  Who doesn’t want to look younger, lose those extra pounds, have more energy and regain their libido, right? Exercising, eating right and getting plenty of rest does help slow the symptoms of aging, but there is no getting around the fact that critical hormone levels begin to decrease with age and we cannot exercise, eat or sleep our way out of that reality.  As women age, their Growth Hormone (GH) levels diminish, and HGH deficiency leads to a breakdown in many functions within the body. An HGH deficiency can cause weight gain, loss of muscle strength, a decrease in bone density and other issues related to aging. Increasing human growth hormone levels can work to slow or eliminate many of the health-related consequences.

Sermorelin Anti-Aging therapy works by stimulating the body to produce more of its own GH.  Sermorelin acetate is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (also known as GHRH and GRF 1-29). It is naturally produced in the brain and is necessary to stimulate the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone (GH).  Sermorelin acetate injections help the pituitary gland naturally produce and release more GH and this helps reverse many of the signs and complications with aging. The results can be life-transforming with regards to the vitality and well-being experienced by patients using this revolutionary anti-aging therapy and it is documented that the body continues to produce more GH even after therapy has ended.

Some of the anti-aging benefits of rebalancing GH levels in the aging body include:

  • Promotion of lean muscle mass and fat reduction
  • Improvement in bone mineral density and lower risk of osteoporosis
  • Helps prevent joint deterioration as individuals age. By promoting healthy connective tissue, as well as increased bone mineral density and muscle mass, joint health can be improved.
  • Enhanced physical performance and muscle strength: reduction in oxygen uptake, decreased bone density and diminished muscle mass all contribute to a lack of physical performance when exercising. Stimulating the production of HGH can help.
  • Better heart health: deficiency in GH increases the risk of plaque build up in the arteries. This, in turn, increases the risk of heart attack or stroke in aging individuals.  
  • Better metabolism: Growth hormone affects the resting metabolism. Increased protein synthesis, fat oxidation, a reduction in bad LDL, and the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism occurs with greater GH production.
  • Better skin: As we age and become deficient in GH, collagen levels are reduced as well. This causes the skin to become thinner, to sag, and to wrinkle.
  • Enhanced immune function: HGH can work to help regulate the body’s stressed and diminished immune function.
  • Better sleep:  HGH is mostly produced during sleep and thus, patients often experience deeper, more rejuvenating sleep
  • Better sex drive: Growth hormone deficiency is related to lower libido and fatigue. HGH production can help restore vitality and stamina.
  • Increased quality of life: HGH therapy has been linked to increased energy levels, mood improvement, and overall feelings of health and well-being.

With so many benefits, it is clear why so many proactive individuals are not letting age get the best of them and are using Sermorelin Anti-Aging Therapy to rebalance their Growth Hormone (GH) levels by supplementing the body’s natural ability to produce its own GH.  

This method of increasing levels of GH in women is considered a much safer and a much better alternative to taking synthetic HGH.  Sermorelin does not carry some of the adverse side effects that synthetic HGH has such as, diabetes, cancer, and abnormalities with tissue or bone growth. In addition, over medication or a sudden reduction in HGH response is not a risk with Sermorelin. Because Sermorelin is a secretagogue that only supports natural production of HGH from the pituitary gland, many of the health risks associated with traditional synthetic HGH therapy do not exist.

Sermorelin Anti-Aging Therapy requires a licensed health care provider, such as Balanced Medical Solutions, to prescribe it and to monitor a patient’s progression.  

At Balanced Medical Solutions, we support women on their journey towards vitality, rejuvenation and increased performance in all areas of their lives and are here to help you see if this revolutionary therapy is right for you.  When you come in for your first appointment, we will analyze you as a unique individual and we make sure you are a good candidate for this therapy or offer you alternatives in the case that you are not. Regardless of what anti-aging and vitality treatment is the best fit for you, we monitor you closely and are with you every step of the way as you progress on your path towards revitalization and rejuvenation. 

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