Those battling with unwanted weight gain, symptoms of aging, a sexual dysfunction or a low libido will be relieved to know that there are modern breakthrough medical discoveries that can really help, in most cases.  Today’s tests and treatments go further than ever in helping individuals experience peak performance, sexual vitality, and energy levels for longer. We no longer have to be passive victims to the aging process.

Balanced Medical Solutions offers these revolutionary treatments, such as stem cell and bioidentical hormone therapies, as well as cutting-edge sexual dysfunction medications and treatments like EPAT and the PRP shot.  Their new modern facility in the St. Rose Medical Office Building is open 6 days a week. They also offer at-home, private concierge visits, and telemedicine appointments. It has never been easier to experience the rejuvenation and revitalization that is now possible thanks to the discoveries that have been made in anti-aging, sexual wellness, and weight-loss medicine.