Managed Diet for Women


At Balanced Medical Solutions, we understand that each patient who walks through our door is a unique individual with a set of personal circumstances and challenges they are dealing with to lose their unwanted weight.  We carry out a thorough examination and evaluation to determine any underlying conditions and the best path forward to help everyone we see shed those unwanted pounds once and for all. Our examination includes a hormone test to make sure that a hormonal imbalance is not to blame, as weight gain is common in older individuals because of changes to their hormonal levels.

Every weight management patient who is under our care receives a customized and individualized treatment plan based on their medical needs and desires. For example, those who wish to lose weight in a hurry for an upcoming event can be evaluated to see if the popular HCG Diet is right for them. We monitor every patient throughout their weight loss journey, are available to answer questions that arise, and we provide added health and fitness advice to maximize their success.

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