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Types of appointments available:

  • FREE Consultation – speak to a vitality specialist over the phone to go over any initial questions you may have and receive more information about the breakthrough treatments we offer for sexual vitality, hormonal imbalances, weight loss and anti-aging. No commitment or obligation!
  • Initial Evaluation Visit – come to the clinic for an evaluation to test your hormone levels, thyroid function and other exams.  Receive a customized treatment plan based on your results, ALL for $69 special price (a value of $299)!
  • Evaluation Results Appointment – over the phone or in person – to go over your evaluation results, usually within 7 days of your Initial Evaluation Visit. There is no additional cost for this appointment as it part of the $69 Initial Evaluation special price.
  • Follow-up Appointment – For existing patients who need follow-up monitoring, additional treatment and refills on medications. These are usually free of charge for individuals who are on a Balanced Medical Solutions treatment plan.

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