What sexual health issues affect men?

Sexual health plays an important role in a man’s overall health and contributes to a man’s general sense of well-being.  Many men keep their situation a secret and suffer in silence without the knowledge that they are not alone. Other men figure it is part of getting older and that there is nothing to be done. However, there ARE a lot of affordable solutions to help them regain their sexual drive and confidence and reignite their flame.

What are the most common sexual health issues in men?

Men’s sexual health issues can have a devastating effect on your physical and emotional health. The most common sexual health issues are:

What are the most common causes of changes in a man’s sexual health?

Problems relating to men’s sexual health can stem from:

*Men naturally have a higher sex drive because of the male sex hormone, testosterone but all men gradually lose testosterone production from the age of about 35 until they ultimately lose most of their testosterone production by age 60 (learn more about “male menopause by clicking here and take a free hormone quiz by clicking here). Thus, low testosterone (or “Low T”) is the most common underlying cause of sexual health issues in men. 

A medical evaluation and labs with the specialists at Balanced Medical Solutions in Hayward, CA can help determine if this is a contributor to a man’s sexual whoes so he can rebalance his testosterone levels and feel once again like he did when he was in his prime.

What can I expect during a men’s sexual health evaluation at Balanced Medical Soutions?

The physicians at Balanced Medical Solutions specialize in the diagnosis and management of these common male sexual health issues and offer innovative treatments to restore sexual health. Balanced Medical Solutions also has a performance optimization program for men who want to improve their sexual performance and enhance their sexual pleasure. 

You can expect comprehensive care from the team at Balanced Medical Solutions. For only $99 (promo price), you will receive a consultation with a specialist and they will run dozens of blood tests to better understand your specific needs and medical profile. Labs will include hormone tests and screens for conditions that may affect your sexual health. They will also ask you about your symptoms, sexual and health history, family history, lifestyle, diet, exercise routine and personal goals.

Based on the information gathered during your evaluation, the team develops your personalized recommended treatment plan based on your particular situation.  The team at Balanced Medical Solutions offers free office visits to monitor your response to treatment and to adjust your treatment as needed. 

For expert care for men’s sexual health, call or text Balanced Medical Solutions at 510.679.3300 or book an appointment online today, click here.



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