What Do IV Therapies Help With?

IV Therapies

Vitamin IVs and Hydration IVs are a great way to replenish vital nutrients and vitamins and are a common therapy for those wanting to optimize their immune system, lower their cholesterol, lose weight, detoxify, or simply feel and look more young and vibrant. It can also help with the nutritional recovery of those who were recently sick or injured. Balanced Medical Solutions in Hayward, California, offers a variety of different IV Therapies, including Vitamin Drip Therapies, Hydration IV’s, and PlaqueX® and their medical team can customize IV’s to the particular needs of each patient. 

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a general name given to different protocols that include IV’s to help resolve certain symptoms or for general health optimization.  There are many different therapies that are delivered intravenously at Balanced Medical Solutions, such as Vitamin Drip IVs, Hydration IVs, Regenerative IVs, etc. The IVs contain a combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and/or other ingredients that provide many benefits to the human body.  Although more and more celebrities confess to certain IV Therapies being one of their “secrets” to anti-aging and vitality, it is important to note that an optimal IV Therapy Plan is not the same for everyone. Which intravenous drips are best for you and how often you should receive treatment depends on your personal medical profile, your goals, and your desired outcomes.  A personalized IV Therapy Plan may mean having only a few sessions to help recovery from a recent illness or to bring down cholesterol levels or lose unwanted pounds, while others could benefit from a weekly or monthly IV as part of an optimization or anti-aging routine.

What are IV Therapies meant to help with?

What are the IV Therapies available at Balanced Medical Solutions?

What can I expect from an IV Therapy consultation?

Patients can expect comprehensive care from the team of Balanced Medical Solutions, and for only $99 (promo price), you will receive an IV Therapy Evaluation with a medical specialist, which includes dozens of blood tests to better understand the underlying causes of your symptoms and your medical profile. Labs will include hormone tests and other screens for conditions that may be causing your condition. Based on this evaluation, our team will determine if our IV Therapies are a good fit for you and if they are, a personalized recommended IV Therapy Plan will be created for you.  

When you start an IV Therapy with us, all follow-up office visits are free of charge The practice also offers very competitive rates on all its IV Therapies to make these beneficial therapies as accessible as possible to everyone in our community.

To get started right away, book an evaluation with labs for only $99 through our online calendar: click here.

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