Get Muscle Definition and Increase Your Energy with Peptide Therapy

Among the many consequences of aging are the loss of muscle mass and the accumulation of fat. Many processes converge and conspire to cause this unfortunate reality, but chief among them is that your body has decreased its production of human growth hormone (HGH)

This powerhouse hormone responsible for cell growth and regeneration is also what repairs and builds muscle when you lift weights, and it’s what amps up your metabolism to burn fat. Clearly, if your HGH is low, you’re going to see some body changes.

At Balanced Medical Solutions in Hayward, California, our team of experienced medical professionals specialize in anti-aging therapies and bringing hormones back into balance for optimal health and wellness. If your main complaint about growing older is declining strength and energy, you may be interested in one of our most effective treatments for

generating lean muscle and losing fat — peptide therapy. Here’s how it works.

Peptides explained

If you think back to high school biology class, you may remember learning about proteins and amino acids. A group of amino acids (usually 50 or more) connected to one another form a structure called a protein. 

Peptides are very similar to proteins but much smaller (usually only 2-20 amino acids), and they generally form a small linked chain with no branches. Several peptides (polypeptides) can get together to form a protein, which is essentially one big peptide.

So now that you know peptides at the molecular level, you need to know how these microscopic little chemicals play such a big role.

There are thousands of types of peptides, and they all affect different bodily functions. The peptides that come into play when you’re trying to define muscle and lose weight are those that trigger your pituitary gland to release HGH — that powerful hormone we mentioned earlier. But HGH doesn’t do it alone; it needs help from insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

It’s a chain reaction that starts with peptides, which stimulate the release of HGH, which travels to your liver and releases IGF-1, which triggers protein synthesis — and voila, bigger muscles. 

Choosing the right peptides for weight loss, muscle definition, and increased energy

As we mentioned, there are thousands of peptides and they all do different things, so how do you know which peptides are right for you? That’s where we come in. Our many years of combined experience inform our recommendations. 

Before embarking on peptide therapy for any reason, we always complete a thorough medical exam and test your blood to ensure you’re a good candidate for peptide therapy and to determine which combination will help you reach your goals. 

Some common peptides included in therapies aimed at building muscle, losing weight, and boosting energy include:

These are only a couple of the peptides that can help you reach your body goals. Although most peptide therapies are administered via injection, oral tablets are available as well. Once we meet with you and discuss your age, health status, and goals, we can customize your peptide therapy to maximize your results.

We also talk to you about aftercare and possible negative side effects, although our patients report overwhelmingly positive results, such as:

To find out if peptide therapy is right for you, contact us at 510-679-3300 to schedule a consultation with our peptide experts or click here to book now.

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