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What are the Best Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction or ED, also known as impotence, is very common, especially in men over 30. It is defined by the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for satisfying sexual activity. The best treatments for ED depend on the underlying cause.

Jun 14th, 2022
What sexual health issues affect men?

Erectile dysfunction is the most well-known sexual malady affecting men, but there are other issues that can also affect a man’s sexual health, such as low sex drive and premature ejaculation. The good news is there are solutions for these common issues!

May 3rd, 2022
Does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Also known as GAINSWave®, EPAT, Radial Pressure Wave Therapy, or Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LIECST), this therapy offers a safe, surgery- and medication-free option for many cases of erectile dysfunction. Read on to learn more.

Mar 2nd, 2022
The Link Between Obesity and Low Testosterone

You know that being overweight affects your health, but it may surprise you to learn that it affects your masculinity, too. That’s because obesity interferes with your male hormones and your sexual health. Here’s what you need to know.

Dec 6th, 2021
TRT Can Relieve Andropause and Low Testosterone Symptoms

Is male menopause real? While andropause may not be the exact equivalent, it has some striking similarities to the well-known female menopause stage of life, including a major shift in hormones and some uncomfortable symptoms. Here’s what you can do.

Aug 5th, 2021
ED and The Underlying Causes

If your bedroom performance hasn’t been up to par lately, you may think it’s all in your head. While it’s true that emotional issues can interfere with sexual function, there are several physical conditions that may be to blame, too. Are you at risk?

Jun 23rd, 2021
Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey with Body Sculpting

If you’ve been on a weight-loss journey, you’ve been focusing on dropping pounds, but now that you’re getting close to your goal, you may notice that your thinner body is a bit soft. Here’s how body sculpting can polish off your new physique.

May 11th, 2021
Andropause: How to Deal with Male Menopause

Most men expect to be spectators of menopause, watching from a distance and offering support for the women they love. But what happens when the tables are turned and men suffer from the same side effects?

Apr 1st, 2021
Women: Take Charge of Your Sexual Health This Year

Remember when sex was great? It can be again. Don’t settle for so-so sex, or worse, none at all. 2021 could be your best year yet, if you take the time to focus on your sexual health. Here’s how.

Jan 1st, 2021
Tips for Controlling Cholesterol Over the Holidays

Keeping your cholesterol in check is a year-round challenge, and the holidays can crash through your progress like a wrecking ball if you’re not careful. To stay on track this season, follow these tips, and you’ll start 2021 healthier than ever.

Dec 1st, 2020
Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with HI-EMT

Forget those cool and warm therapies that only zap your fat cells. HI-EMT reduces fat and tones muscle at the same time for the ultimate body sculpting treatment. Here’s why it works.

Sep 10th, 2020
Plaquex: The Revolutionary Way to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

If you have high cholesterol, you’re at risk for serious heart disease. To lower cholesterol, you need to change your diet, stop smoking, manage stress, exercise, and take medication. Or you can lower it naturally with the Plaquex IV treatment.

Aug 12th, 2020
Your Hormones Could Be Keeping You From Losing Weight

Weight loss is tough under ideal circumstances, but you might have a condition that’s sabotaging your efforts — imbalanced hormones. Find out what to do about this common problem so you can reach your goals.

Jul 20th, 2020
How To Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system is your first line of defense against foreign antigens, bacteria, and pathogens that enter your body. The stronger your immune system, the better your chances of staving off infections and viruses. Here’s how to boost yours.

Apr 10th, 2020
Weight Loss in Men and Women

Approximately 69% or 7 out of every 10 adults are overweight or obese, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES, 2009-2010) ...

Aug 28th, 2018
Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is a common sexual-arousal disorder primarily affecting men over the age of 40 ...

Aug 28th, 2018
Hormonal Imbalance

FOR MEN AND WOMEN Hormonal imbalances are common Symptoms include low libido and fatigue ...

Aug 22nd, 2018
Weight Loss

FOR MEN AND WOMEN Weight gain and obesity can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition ...

Aug 21st, 2018
Balanced Medical

Balanced Medical Solutions is the Bay Area’s premier sexual vitality and hormone replacement clinic for individuals and couples ...

Aug 9th, 2018

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Jun 28th, 2018